Gilbert Trent
IDo, I Do Cousin Billy and the Easter BunnyMulatto Boy with Pink DressMiss Flossy with Twiggy WigMiss Best with Black Plastic WigMiss Pham with Blonde Plastic WigMiss PhamMiss Flossy with Strawberry Blonde Plastic WigBlack Lettie or White Lettie?Black Lettie LaneCut Along Dotted LinesWhite Girl,  Black Paper DollsAnd It Began to Snow One Saturday Morning

My work depicts my interest in the human form and issues related to race, sex and gender. I am fascinated and intrigued by these issues and use my paintings to reveal my personal experiences and responses. The work is cathartic and emotionally challenging for me. It is my hope that my work “strikes a cord” with those who share similar life experiences and to those that don’t.

My expressive, loosely composed acrylic paintings permit the forms to move throughout the canvas, presenting multiple dimensions of shared time and space. The bright and whimsical color palettes juxtapose against the loose, informal composition, convey a time innocence and playfulness but without preparation or a warning, leads the viewer to a place of distance, isolation and uneasiness.

As a devout practitioner of Buddhism, I frequently inject these ideologies into my work. Believing that we chose “everything” in life… our health, parents, finances, gifts, race, orientation, disabilities, etc., and also believing that we have the ability to eradicate negative life conditions, is a very powerful and liberating state of being. There is a very strong connection between the self and the environment that I explore and want to present in my work.

This body is not "I". This body is just like our clothing. When finished with it, we will discard it and choose another, like putting on a new set of clothing.

Heart of a Buddha, 2001